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25 maggio 2019
Assolutamente negativo, Alessandro dell'ufficio è gentile e disponibile, mentre le 5 ragazze selezionate mi aspettavo una prima selezione da parte vostra ..svogliate...non competenti...
6 dicembre 2018
The hostesses were hired for the first four hours of our conference to help us out with registration, handing out headsets and in cloakroom. The ones that worked at the registration desk couldn't find attendees names, even though the registration system that we used couldn't be easier (searching for an attendee's name in the search bar or scrolling the list which was in alphabetical order) and they had been instructed before how to use it. The ones working in the cloakroom were supposed to hang attendees' coats and bags IN ORDER. The job wasn't complicated, especially when one's worked at events before, so nobody checked on them. After they left I took the cloakroom over and I didn't believe what I saw; although the coats were hung (more or less) in order, the bags on the ground were messed up to the point that, for example, a bag with number 17 was placed next to one with number 685. As a result, I spent three or four hours on fixing their work, which obviously could've been used better. The conference itself was a great success, and besides problems caused by the hostesses, I cannot think about any other issues. We were lucky that I noticed this mess a few hours before people started leaving, so we had some time to fix it and we didn't need to look for bags of almost each one of over 600 attendees. Considering this chaos, we were also lucky that no coats nor bags were missing. Overall, we were deeply dissatisfied with the hostesses' work. Honestly, if they worked in my company, I'd fire them all.

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