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Bollino Feedaty
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VerdeGarden is the first e-commerce platform which distributes products for gardening. The purpose of VerdeGarden is to provide, at a low price, products to improve people's conditions of life, and to ensure reliability and continuous assistance towards consumers. All the VerdeGarden products are distinguished by high simplicity of usage and by the full respect of the environment. We are the only company in Italy operating with machinery with zero environmental impact. In this website you can find the latest news of the European markets and over. Keeping up with the times does not necessarily mean buying expensive products, but have flair and courage to accept equipment intended to become common after a few years. Buying in our online store will allow you to reduce the costs of the traditional market. In addition, VerdeGarden offers free shipping in Italy! Innovation, environmental friendliness and efficiency are the goals that we pursue every day.

Verdegarden (User Enabled)
VAT number 11701481001
Tel. 800625850