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Review on the Seller del 08/23/2018
Everything about this transaction went smoothly . E-Mails were answered quickly . They kept me up to date on the progress of the transaction and the item was well packaged . I was impressed with the jewelry and the extras that were sent ; a gift bag and wrapping paper. After seeing the Cameos they make and finding out they will do custom work I will get them to make a custom Cameo for my wife ! You REALLY need to see these . That would be a great hand made gift ! I have put them in my "FAVORITES" because I will do business with them again for sure .
Handmade Red Coral Earrings in Silver
Review on the Purchased item: Handmade Red Coral Earrings in Silver del 08/23/2018
I bought these to go with the pendent . They are hand made with Blood Red Coral wrapped in sterling silver . Being unique , each one is slightly different . Together they are just perfect . How often have you EVER seen anyone with Coral jewelry ? These will surely start a conversation .
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Italian Cameo Jewelry Corals and Blackamoors since 1934

Vendita di Cammei, Coralli e Moretti veneziani dal 1934

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