Measures for the verification of reviews

Feedaty has taken measures to ensure that the reviews collected and published come only from verified buyers who have actually concluded shopping experience with the Company. 

Technical measures 

The Feedaty system allows the issue of a review only to users who have received an invitation to review from Feedaty (via email or text message). This takes place through the many ways available to integrate the company’s management system or e-commerce platform with our platform (plugins, csv, API, …).  

The invitation to release the review is sent only to consumers for whom we have collected evidence of at least the following information: 

•Email address 

• Order code 

• Date of purchase 

The review invitation also includes a one-time use token. This means that once a review has been released, it is not possible to release a second review with the same invitation. 

Even users who directly request to release a review through a Company page on Feedaty must send a proof of purchase, as a guarantee of the real experience, before receiving the link to release the review. 

Manual measurements 

An additional level of verification is implemented through the Feedaty Moderation Team. The task of the Moderation team is to verify that the reviews correspond to our Publishing Policies

Reviews that are not in line with the Publication Policies (including reviews that, following further investigation, do not appear to come from a real buyer) are eliminated. 

In order to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the review, all reviews are associated with an e-mail address which identifiestheir reference to carry out further checks, if necessary. 

In the event of reports received from the Company or from a user, or emerging from internal alert systems, indicating any doubts about the veracity of the reviews, further in-depth verification actions are carried out by the Moderation team with the aim, if necessary, to eliminate untruthful reviews. 

Other types of reviews 

In addition to “Verified Buyer” reviews, in some cases other types of reviews may be visible on the Feedaty Company Page, typically imported from other external platforms, which will be clearly distinguishable as: 

– Will not include the wording “Verified Buyer” 

– They will report a detail regardingthe external source of the review 

– They will not be counted in the calculation of the average rating 

Company Pages in “Assessment” mode 

In order to ensure maximum transparency for users who visit the certificate pages of companies that use our service, Feedaty reserves the right to carry out further checks on the work of the company owning the certificate page itself. If these additional checks are in progress, the statement appears on the Certificate Page: “Feedaty is investigating the reviews collected by this company”. 

Here’s show the Certificate Page appears to users in assessment mode: